Use the Sign service to allow your debtor to authorise the electornic mandate with an OTP issued via email.

At this point in the conversation we are ready for the user to sign the electronic mandate.

  • As an initial step, call GET /conversations/sign to retrieve the mandate details (the details as provided in the Prepare E-Mandate request).
  • Render the E-Mandate signup page.
  • When the end user clicks the Proceed button on the signup page, use POST/conversations/sign to move the e-mandate to the next conversation step. Note that email is mandatory in the request.

As the authorisation method in this example is EMAIL_PASSWORD, The user will receive an email message with a 4-digit code. We will assume here that after receiving the email, the user accidentially deletes the message and does not have a code to complete the signing process. We will need to resend the OTP so that the payer can complete the signup process.

Move to the next stage in the conversation: Resending the OTP

GET /conversation/sign

POST /conversation/sign