Handle the Mandate Signing via JavaScript on your payment page.
  • After you have retrieved your E-Mandate token, you need to add some JavaScript to your Web site page to handle the redirect.
  • To set up your page you will need to reference a Nuapay .js file and add some JavaScript.
  • You must reference either the Sandbox or the Production JavaScript file:
Sandbox https://sandbox.nuapay.com/emandate/static/js/emandates-integration.js
Production https://api.nuapay.com/emandate/static/js/emandates-integration.js

To set up your page (for Sandbox):

  1. Use the following JS reference:
      <script type='text/javascript' src="https://sandbox.nuapay.com/emandate/static/js/emandates-integration.js"></script>
  2. Add the following script (replacing 90c72f56-5c12-4bd0-aad8-371c5a1db617-24j8rvwov2, in this example, with the retrieved E-Mandate token):
      function redirect() {
  3. Finally, call the redirect() method to send your payer to the E-Mandate platform with the onclick event: