The HTTPS protocol, API keys and originator configuration.

General Points

Note that all requests must:

  • Be sent via the HTTPS protocol
  • Pass a specific API Key unique to each merchant, for authentication
  • Originate from an allowed IP address (the allowed IP addresses will be configured for you when you register for the service)
  • Include (at a minimum) the mandatory fields required for the specific request that is being made

Specific configurations are also required on the E-Mandate application. Note that these configurations must be carried out internally by Nuapay staff so please discuss your requirements with a member of our Customer Support team who will be able to assist you in this.

Response Handling

All API requests generate responses.

Successful requests return one of the following:

  • 200 (OK - The request completed successfully)
  • 201 (Created - A new resource has been created successfully)
Response codes in the 400 to 499 range are generally related to business validation errors. Response codes in the 500 to 503 range are related to API service issues.

See HTTP Response Codes for more information on the various responses and possible API error codes.